R Packages

Selected packages. All are hosted on GitHub. Many are on my R-universe. No guarantees.


Made to serve a ‘real’ purpose. Alphabetical.

Name Description Links
{a11ytables} Generate best-practice stats spreadsheets for publication
{altcheckr} Assess image alternative (alt) text on websites
{backtick} Insert backtick structures with an RStudio Addin
{badgr} Generate URLs for metadata badges
{bd2q} Helpers to convert a {blogdown} blog to Quarto
{blogsnip} RStudio addin to insert Rmd code snippets, especially for {blogdown}
{coloratio} Check accessibility of color contrasts
{dehex} Learn to assess a colour hex code by eye
{defenestrate} Personal helpers wrapping {Microsoft365R}
{dialga} Translate R to cron to English
{gdstheme} {xaringan} theme and template, (unofficial) Government Digital Service style
{ghdump} Download/clone all of a user’s GitHub repositories for archiving purposes
{gpx3d} Make an interactive 3D chart of your workout route from a GPX file
{linkrot} Detect ‘link rot’ on webpages
{oystr} Wrangle Oyster-card data supplied by Transport for London
{pixeltrix} Make pixel art interactively in a plot window, get a matrix, make a gif
{quartostamp} RStudio Addin to insert (‘stamp’) useful Quarto elements
{r2eng} Translate R to English
{snorkel} RStudio Addin to help document functions with {roxygen2}
{skyphone} Fetch and sonify GitHub Skyline contributions data
{trapinch} Get data from the PokéAPI service
{wordup} Word to Govspeak


Experiments, hacks, memes and subversion. Alphabetical.

Name Description Links
{ActionSquirrel} A squirrel game in your R console made with {R6}
{cran} Convert volume measurements to units of uncleaned herring
{choosethis} Off-label concepts for executing R code from links in the console, using {cli}
{emojiscape} Print a little emoji scene to your console
{hokey} Tiny demos of {keypress}
{hiscore} A game with a system for saving high scores persistently
{kevinbacran} The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon but for CRAN authors
{pico} Generate the aboslute minimum R package skeleton
{plunderplot} Interactively extract coordinates from an image of a plot
{potato} Play ‘Potato’ in the R console, a one-page RPG by Oliver Darkshire
{r.oguelike} A tile-based roguelike toy for R’s console, featuring procedural dungeons and enemy pathfinding
{remorse} Text to Morse Code to audio
{safar6} A playable text-based simulation of Pokémon’s Safari Zone using {R6}
{soccercolleagues} Find footballers’ common team mates
{tide} Edit a data.frame in a spreadsheet-like editor, get code to reproduce it
{tamRgo} A persistent cyberpet in your R console
{tidyquiz} A {tidyverse} quiz via {learnr} hacking

Shiny apps


Name Description Links
Animal Crossing Popularity Contest Swipe left or right on villagers from Nintendo’s Animal Crossing
LeWitt ReMix Remix Sol LeWitt’s art for #RecreationThursday
Randoflag A randomised flag challenge for new browser tabs
Tidyquiz A {learnr} hack to generate a random {tidyverse} functions quiz
What’s your Hadley number? Find shortest paths to Hadley Wickham in the CRAN authorship graph


Not hosted on server. Run entirely in your browser.

Name Description Links
Govspeakify tables Convert a pasted table to Govspeak-flavoured Markdown

Not hosted

You’ll have to download and run them yourself.

Name Description Links
Deer-vehicle collisions in Scotland Explore open data on deer strikes in Scotland, 2000 to 2017
Ages at World Cup 2018 You’re really old and sports people are younger than you
Mission Across IOW How hard is it to cross the Isle of Wight, UK, in a straight line?
Read a colour hex code Test yourself at reading colour hex codes by eye


Name Description Tools Links This website Quarto, Netlify Japes with R: tutorials, ephemera, memes Quarto, Netlify A gallery of recreations/remixes/original art RMarkdown, {bs4cards}, GitHub Pages
Hastings Half maps Interactive maps of the Hastings Half-Marathon route RMarkdown, {flexdashboard}, GitHub Pages


Code-based bric-a-brac. Alphabetical.

Name Description Links
Emojis to SVG Script to fetch SoftBank’s 1997 emoji set (the first-ever?) and convert them to SVG format
gamelad An RStudio theme to mimic the original GameBoy’s green palette
GitHub Gists Snippets of code that solve a small problem and sometimes become blog posts
Hex stickers Hexagonal sticker designs, mostly for R packages
londonmapbot A social media bot that posts MapBox satellite images, made with {rtoot} and GitHub Actions
Splendid R games A list of games made with R
Tidyswirl A work-in-progress introduction to the tidyverse created with {swirl}
Try R v4.2 Try new features of R version 4.2 in the browser, thanks to Binder